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Review: Zac Brown Band at Klipsch


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Last week when I spoke with the drummer of Zac Brown Band, Chris Fryar, he said that their latest tour was full of new surprises and effects that he couldn't reveal but was really excited about. When the band took the stage, a giant curtain with lights behind it reflecting their shadows riled the crowd up for their grand entrance. The audience broke out into chorus as the curtain dropped for the opening song "Jump Right In," which is their latest single and latest music video release.

Their high-quality light show featured backdrops of starry nights, scenic videos and close up of band members, but was never too distracting from the talent on stage.

By the third ballad, the crowd's rowdy energy smoothed into sways with their honeys for the 2010 hit country song "Free." This was a great concert to bring your sweetheart out and raise your beer -- priced as much as a six-pack. (Really Klipsch, since when did $11 become a normal price for a beer?)

Zac Brown Band must have a special place in their hearts for bands named after the lead singer. They played Dave Matthew's Band "Ants Marching" and went into Edgar Winter Group's "Frankenstein" then back into the Dave Matthews song. They also covered Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic." Violinist Jimmy De Martini's musical talent stood out in every song.

Zac Brown is known for trying to connect with their fans and after throwing out t-shirts to the crowd, they brought out living room props for an acoustic set showing the crowd that Zac Brown Band are just regular country boys who like to chill.

The fans proved their dedication by singing along even the Spanish parts to the 2009 song "Toes." In the end, they covered Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and finally closed with their hit song that put them on the charts back in 2008, "Chicken Fried." Whether you are a Zac Brown Band fan or not, this was the song worth waiting to the end for.

Overall Zac Brown Band's performance was what one would expect from a country concert. Nothing too wild happened, but the music was wholesome, the rain didn't come down too hard and the crowd was there to sing along.


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