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RFRA palate cleanser dance party


This has been a rough week to be a Hoosier, hasn't it? I realized yesterday that soreness in my neck is probably from leaning over my computer keyboard with shoulders clenched, reading infuriating article after infuriating article about the absolute madness going down in Indiana right now. I've wanted to pick so many Twitter fights with people tweeting about how horrible and backwards Indiana is, because I know it's just not so. We are more than the choices our horrible government makes. We're musicians and creators and writers and dancers and promoters and planners and party people. We put out a paper saying it every week: Indianapolis —- Indiana — has so much great stuff here. 

I don't know about you, but I've got to shake it off, Taylor Swift-style. At least for a second. Let's do it with local music videos. This is what is awesome about Indiana, y'all. 

We'll kick it of with this song honoring certified delight Bill Murray. 

Swing around to NUVO favorites Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, and their irrepressibly fun ode to delicious meats and true love.

Make a quick stop in Hen Land, a delightfully weird place to be. 

Animate ourselves to dive through TVs with the Brain Twins and SM Wolf. 

Hit the streets with Andy D.

Wave hello to the delightful Barfly'd Hero Jr., captured by MonkeyEatsMonkey.

Check in with this live Laundromatinee session with Freddie Gibbs.

And wrap up with the dearly missed Dreamers of The Ghetto. 

Now don't you feel better? I do. 


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