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Rita's gluten free shopping list for beer



Available in Indianapolis:

• Widmer Omission Lager and Pale Ale

• Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale

• Estrella Damm Daur Lager

• New Grist Pilsner Style,Lakefront Brewery

• Dogfish Head Tweason Ale

• New Planet Raspberry Ale

• Redbridge Lager

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Crabiso Fruits Alcoholic Lemonade is in coolers with Ciders and Meads (another factor — these styles have to be in coolers; GF beers are on shelves along with traditional brews). Kahn's and Fresh Thyme Market carry the largest selections; (Kahn's carries eight brands, and since these most often appeared elsewhere on shelves and menus, I opted to taste there.


Bars and restaurants offering gluten free brews in Indy:

• Indianapolis Colts Grille

• Bru Burger Bar

• Greek Islands

• Jockamo

• Broad Ripple Brewpub

• TGI Friday's

• BJ's Brewhouse

• Puccini's Rail Epicurean Market

• Bee Hive

• Monon

• Shoefly

• Scotty's Brewhouse

• Woody's Library Restaurant


Bob Mack's gluten free tasting bucket list

Bob Mack works for Monarch Beverage and is a beer superfan of sorts. Rita consulted him on his favorite gluten free recommendations from around the country. Here are his picks, as told to Kohn:


This is Anheuser-Busch's gluten free beer. Like A-B's flagship brand, Budweiser, Redbridge is an American lager. It's brewed with sorghum instead of barley.


Green's, which is brewed in Belgium, offers three different ales: an amber called Discovery, a dubbel called Endeavour, and a tripel named Quest. These beers are brewed with a blend of four grains: millet, rice, buckwheat (no, not that Buckwheat), and sorghum.


Bard's Tale

This brewery was started by a couple of celiacs who are, in their words, "ardent beer-lovers." Bard's Tale is brewed in the American lager style and is made with sorghum.

New Grist

This beer, which is billed as a "session ale," is brewed by Milwaukee brewery Lakefront. It's brewed with sorghum and rice extract.

Toleration Ale

Brewed by Hambleton Ales in the UK, this beer is described as "a tawny ale with aromas of Cascade, Liberty and Challenger hops. Specially prepared dark sugars provide a full-bodied initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with a strong citrus finish." It's not clear what grains are used to brew this beer, but it is indeed gluten free.


James Neumeister's brewpub

In Portland, Oregon, Ground Breaker Brewing is one of the U.S.'s only gluten free brewpubs. The beers are made with sorghum, chestnuts, rice, and other ingredients. Neumeister's desire to make a pint for people with celiac disease — like his wife — is putting him at the vanguard of a trend. They do not distribute outside of the brewpub.

Market research firm Mintel estimates that sales of gluten free products reached $8.8 billion in 2014 — a 63 percent increase in annual sales from 2012-2014.



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