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Roberts: Live from the Big Ten Tourney - Purdue vs. Illinois


When I walked past Mitch Daniels, getting onto the elevator before the game, I felt a sudden icy chill go through my spine - and sitting behind the Illinois bench, it apparently carried over to their shooting.

Purdue meanwhile was able to shoot, skyhook, chuck, and granny-toss deadly bombs from all over 3-point range in the first half with great accuracy, and with an ecstatic hometown crowd behind them, the Illini were buried within minutes.

Robbie Hummel was the chief culprit of Purdue's sharpshooting; he was 4-4 in the first half for 3's, and with 14 total points, he nearly outscored the entire Illinois team.

The Illini only had 17 points in the first half, and were doubled-up by Purdue's 37 with room to spare.

The game started ugly with my Mitch Daniels sighting, and got even uglier in the second half. The teams traded layups and poor shooting, with very little momentum in either direction.

Down by 12 with one minute left, Illinois is bringing out the white guys; the universally understood white flag of surrender in college basketball. And Purdue is putting in their white guys; the universally understood triumphant middle finger of college basketball. Game Over--

Final score: Purdue- 66, Illinois- 56

Tomorrows Championship game between Ohio State and Purdue will tip-off at 3:30pm, with a free pep rally before the gamein the outdoor plaza. There will be free hot dogs, popcorn and drinks, starting at 1:30.


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