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Roberts: Live from the Big Ten Tourney- Round 1


IU had its greatest fortune of the year tonight against Penn State; their season was taken out to the pasture and shot in the head.

For all its tradition and great teams, IU has never won a Big Ten Tournament. But if any of their teams in the last decade played half as hard as this rag-tag team of ruffians played tonight, they would have won all of them.

Their obstacle tonight however was - as usual - athleticism. Penn State just had too much muscle, speed and height, and Jamelle Cornley cut them to pieces with 16 first-half points.

Verdell Jones didn't make it easy on Penn. He shot the lights out (at least when he wasn't dribbling the ball off his knee). After getting buried by Cornley's outside shooting to start the game, Jones led The Hoosiers back and closed the gap to single digits. Then Tijan Jobe came into the game.

If the Lord of the Rings character Treebeard played college basketball, he would be Tijan Jobe. Watching him go after the basketball is like watching a giraffe try to play Hungry-Hungry-Hippo. But the man is a tank; he just loves to hit people and wildly throw his massive frame around the floor like a little kid drunk on pixi-sticks.

I have a friend that owns both a Rottweiler and an Italian Greyhound - and the Rotweiler, not having any other dog for a frame of reference, sees himself as the size of an Italian Greyhound. I think Jobe has been spending too much time with Daniel Moore.

Penn ran away with it following a dizzy mess of errant passes, fouls and mass confusion, and ended the half ahead by 13.

Things got worse in the second half. To recount this horrid episode would require expletives and pessimistic language that my vocabulary just can't justify.

However, as I sit courtside, shaking my head and trying to remain professional and neutral, I at least have a lovely view of Miss Erin Andrews, the beloved ESPN sideline reporter. Some obnoxious Penn State fans were cat-calling her, as visions of defending her honor (and simultaneously punching out those drunk idiots in Steelers garb that were heckling working journalists for stat-sheets and free media guides) flickered and dissipated in moments. I'll try again tomorrow.

Today's Results:

Minnesota def. Northwestern

Michigan def. Iowa

Penn State def. Indiana

Tomorrow's Games:

Michigan State vs Minnesota - 12pm

Wisconsin vs Ohio State - 2:30pm

Illinois vs Michigan - 6:30 pm

Purdue vs Penn State - 9pm


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