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Rock n Roll Prom 2012: Pretty in Punk!

When: Sat., April 7, 9 p.m. 2012

May I admire you again this year? Well, we sure hope so, because it's Boxcar Books’ annual Rock n Roll Prom -- April 7th at Jake's Nightclub! As per tradition, we’re throwing a big alternative prom party to benefit Boxcar Books and The Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project. It's the prom you wish you could have had in high school, with all the freaks, the punks, the queers, the nerds--and everyone in between. Last year our theme was "A Prom of Mythical Proportions," which brought out the fantastic al part in all of us. This year were traveling back to the eighties, following motifs from John Hughes's seminal film Pretty in Pink, with our own special punk twist. Get ready to time travel back to that wild decade for a night to remember!

Definitely don't forget to dress to impress because the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls will be perusing the crowd to identify the five best dressed attendees to award prom night crowns to and, undoubtedly, lifetime long admiration and fame. What kind of dress exactly? Why, volcanic ensembles of course! Close your eyes and let images of big eighties hair and wacky high school stylings infiltrate your eyelids. We’re thinking of thrifty suits and gelled back pompadours, elegant dresses with Chucks poking out the bottom for that special punk twist, spikes, mohawks…just go for it! Look good, be punk!

We've got an impossibly good lineup of cover bands this year—all fitting quite well for the occasion. There are five cover bands featuring Bloomington's finest musicians and residents. Get your fists raging and feet stomping for female-fronted acts like The Black Heart of Joan Jett (featuring members of Vinyl Fidelity), Fleetwood Wac (featuring members of Good Luck, Fat Shadow, Busman's Holiday, Magnolia Electric Co., & Memory Map), and Pat Benetar (featuring members of Hot Mess, Rip Owczarski and the Morning Afters, The Size of Color, & Minus World). For that essential eighties-electro-dystopian-politico sound, we've got Devo! (featuring members of Dreamers of the Ghetto, Kam Kama, Defiance, OH, & Memory Map) to fill your ears. And of course, for that special punk twist, we’ve got another female-fronted act guaranteed to make you get your mosh on (in your suits and dresses): No Diggity, No Doubt (No Doubt covers featuring members of Rodeo Ruby Love, Morrow, & Alexander the Great). With a lineup like this, the night is sure to be a Pretty and Punk event!

This fantastic evening of fine dress will be punctuated by DJ Ruckus spinning his heart out on the ones and twos and will be hosted by Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls announcer Dick Smack--sure to entertain and galvanize the evening.

Price: $8.

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