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Rolling stoneware

Cracked crockery? Try the garden


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I have a Pampered Chef piece of stoneware that broke — my fault, not a defect — can I use the pieces for anything else, or recycle it somehow?



We’ve gotten quite pampered in that there are now recycling opportunities for just about any material from aluminum cans to zinc batteries. Unfortunately, stoneware is not one of them.

Here are a few garden reuse ideas: Break it up into small pieces to use at the bottom of plant pots for drainage. If the pieces are flat and still big, piece them back together to make a stepping-stone in your garden. You may even be able to embellish them with colorful rocks or a dated penny to make a garden decoration (using non-toxic glue, of course). Or etch them with words such as “basil” and “cilantro” to make herb markers.

On the historic island of St. Croix, there are beautiful works of art and jewelry made from Chaney – broken pieces of china and stoneware dating back to the 1500’s. I’m not sure if modern stoneware pieces would have quite the same affect, but you could always try your hand at jewelry or a mosaic art project.

Piece (of stoneware) out,



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