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Ron Swanson abandons Indiana post-RFRA signing



Hot on the heels of Wilco's cancellation last night, Megan Mullally and husband Nick Offerman cancelled their show in Indy booked for May at Old National Centre. Yes, in response to RFRA. That's right, Mike Pence. You've driven Ron Swanson out of Indiana. If there's one thing we know about Ron Swanson, it's that he wouldn't care a lick about anyone's religious beliefs -- they're none of his business.

Well, he's not completely out of Indiana yet. He's still holding his April 1 show at the IU Auditorium tomorrow. He'll donate funds from the show tomorrow to the Human Rights Campaign.

For their part, talent buyers and promoters are keeping a close eye on continuing developments and boycotts as a result of RFRA.

"Whether you agree or disagree with this new legislation, it's clearly going to have an impact on the concert industry in Indiana. Ultimately, we work on behalf of the artists. We always have, and always will stand behind the decisions that they make," said Josh Baker, Talent buyer/Owner MOKB Presents


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