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Roots/Rock: Andrew Bean, Mooresville Folk



Indianapolis rocker Andrew Bean recorded some music Monday, collaborating with the in-demand cello player Grover Parido. According to a Bean source, they have been playing together and have "a very interesting dynamic going. It is working so well in fact, that these sessions were needed."

Should be a good combo. U2's "With or Without You" is mentioned as a tune they have been reworking.

Bean was the onetime lead vocalist for Indy hard rockers Emerson Rose, and more recently with his band Lady Apollo, where he recorded the album The Wreckage of My Youth.

Mooresville will host the 5th Annual Roots & Rhythm Fest on August 27, from 10am — 4pm. The car, truck and bike show with also feature live Americana, Blues, & Roots Music, plus vendor booths and food.

On the Main Stage, the Shelby County Sinners Band, featuring Shelby Kelley, Mo Foster, Eric Grimmitt will play at noon, followed by the Roots & Rhythm Jam Band at 2:45pm, with a lineup that includes Luke Austin Daugherty, Chris Wolf, Rodney Curry, Nick McElfresh, James Thorpe, Mark Clark, and Jason Oldham

The festival will be held in downtown Mooresville, on East Main Street between Indiana St. and Clay St.


Todd Snider has released a free download of a new band project call "Shit Sandwich". It was recorded with a group of East Nashville musicians dubbed the Elmo Buzz and the Eastside Bulldogs. For those who remember Todd's rock and roll band The Nervous Wrecks, this new release serves as a nice reminder of the raunchy noise Snider can make with a group of willing players. More joyful than original, the EP is a greasy, non-Nashville snapshot of what is going on in the little village they call home.

AUDIO: "Ways and Means"

Link to Free Album: click on the elmo buzz page and enter this code: and a MP3 download link will appear.

From his ragtag album liner notes on Facebook:
"I sang and played the electric guitar both lead and rhythm and sang lead style vocals as elmo buzz, eric mcconnell played bass, mark horn played drums, and jenn gunderman played piano.

"The eastside bulldogs are made up of about 10 or 15 different people often including peter cooper, paul griffith, will kimbrough, tommy womack, tim carroll, bobby bare jr., and many others based on who is home when the mighty mighty bulldogs unite. Recently elizibeth cook has taken over lead style vocals but we haven't had a chance to perform with that version of the band in public yet."

read full notes


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