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Roots/Rock Notes: Ryser, Lancaster & Gibbs



Notes gleaned from monotoring social media:

Jimmy Ryser
  • Jimmy Ryser
Jimmy Ryser reports he is close to putting out a new album. He mentions he recorded another song this week and has four more to go before they master and release it.

Bobbie Lancaster and Madison's Margo Watkins are inching nearer to sending their a children's book to print. Margo is contributing illustrations to Lancaster's writing - her first kids story to get published. It will be a busy summer for the Bloomington roots/Americana musician, as Lancaster will also release a live album and go into the studio to cut her second solo record.

Otis Gibbs wrote on Facebook that his "Tallahassee gig came to a screeching halt when I admitted my long held belief that 'if Walmart was a state, they'd call it Florida.' Maybe it would have been better if I kept that one to myself." He also wrote "I guess I still love oranges and Tom Petty", so maybe that can serve as an olive branch to the Sunshine State.

  • Otis
→ New website for the rootsy rockers Truth and Salvage Co (featuring Indiana guitarist/songwriter Tim Jones). Not a shiny, flashy site (nor are they), but does have more stuff on it than their previous site. Websites should be redesigned every 2-3 years anyway, and this is an upgrade, if only because my name gets mentioned in the final blurb at the bottom of the PRESS page.

No upcoming Indiana dates for T&SC, but there is an easy road trip awaiting if you want to see them play a 12:30pm afternoon show at a festival in Chillicothe, Illinois (not far from Peoria) on May 28. The Illinois festival, called Summer Camp, is a three-day festival will also feature Indiana band Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Band at noon on May 27, The Twin Cats an 8pm play a set on May 28. Avett Brothers, Bruce Hornsby and Bela Fleck all play there on the 29th, with dozens of jam bands also in the lineup.


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