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Rupert: Episode 10 of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains"



This was the most intense episode of the season — and, the best Rupert episode. Day 25 begins with the merge of the two tribes, now called the Yin Yang Tribe (for good and evil, get it?) The former Heroes foolishly buy into Russell’s lies about he and Parvati simultaneously playing their immunity idols at the last tribal council. Rupert believes him, too — until his pal from Pearl Islands, Sandra, tips him off to Russell’s infamy.

At this point, it seems like Rupert is the only one of the Heroes who knows Russell is trying to punk everyone on the island. This is Rupert’s shining hour. Which is why the next part will be all Rupert quotes from this episode. It helps if you read them using a growly Rupert voice in your mind.

“Russell is playing us… this is where the game gets crazy.”
“I cannot wait to start voting some of these Villains out of our camp.”
(Of Russell) “He’s on the Villains’ side for a reason.”
“It’s smellin’ fishy. I don’t trust Russell.”
(After giving his all on the grueling pole challenge) “Oh my God!”
“I think Parvati has an immunity idol… (I’ll) see if I can oust Russell for the weasel that he is.”

At this point, the show gets crazier than ever. Russell, in his first strategic blunder, gives his immunity idol to Parvati — who now has two. Then, at tribal council, Parvati — who had been playing this game very well — gives away BOTH of her immunity idols, one to Jerri and one to Sandra. Jeff Probst can’t believe it, Rupert can’t believe it, and no one in TV-land can believe it either. This has to be the wackiest tribal council in Survivor history. Rupert, now sure that Russell is a scoundrel, turns to one of the Heroes and whispers, “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that (bleeped by CBS).”


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