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Russ Baum and Huck Finn in Bloomington


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Bloomington readers, let us tell you about Russ Baum and Huck Finn. The irrepressible group was voted number one in all over Indianapolis by our readers in last year's Best of Indy poll. Number-freaking-one. Why wouldn't you go see the number one-voted live band from Indy at the Bluebird on Thursday? There's no good reason not to, is what we're saying. Unfortunately, their performance at our Best of Indy party was cut off by a massive storm (damn you, weather!) so they didn't get to perform for their many fans that put them on top of the poll. But they'll have plenty of space and time at the Bluebird to celebrate, so make time and space on your calendar to go see them. (P.S. They also have a skeleton. You'll understand when you get there, we promise.)

Below, we've got some video from a previous show at the Bluebird.  This Thursday's show starts at 9 p.m.


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