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Rusty Bladen, Bobbie Lancaster albums set for release



A pair of Indiana Americana singer/songwriters have new albums on the way....


Rusty Bladen, who has been touring throughout Indiana for the past 20 years, will release his sixth and latest album, Homegrown Treaures, on April 20. Known mostly for a solo show that is consistently entertaining (think Tom Petty/Mellencamp/Jimmy Buffett), the new record is a live album recorded at former Mellencamp bandmember Toby Myers' studio facility in Nashville, Indiana. It's got 11 cuts, highlighted by "Molly's Song", a tune about missing person (from Rusty's hometown of Madison) Molly Dattillo, and "Warm Cup of Coffee", a simple-but-resonating song about living with things we can't control. You can hear cuts from the new record at, and buy the pre-release download online (or at his shows) ahead of the true street date.
Hear "Warm Cup of Coffee"

Bloomington's Bobbie Lancaster will have her debut solo record out in early May. We exchanged email messages this week, and she's going to send a copy for early review. And I will post a bit of it online when we get it. Watch for that in about two weeks, when the CD gets closer to a release. From what I have heard, this will be one of those records that appeals to both the Jennie Devoe crowd and also the alt-country fans. Meantime, check out Bobbie's new website, and you can hear a pair of new songs from the record streaming there. (
Hear "The Tragic Tale of Maggie Donovan"


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