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Our Inaugural winner in the Best Producer category loves Best Hip-Hop MC winner Oreo Jones and Best DJ winner Action Jackson. Ryan Gibbons is a part of the Shine Indy team and a member of rising band Moxxie, plus your pick for Best Producer. So what does HE love about Indy?

What's Indy's best new restaurant?

Taste of Havana. The Cuban is to die for, and the espresso shots are LITERALLY the best I've ever had.

How about the best place to party?

Gotta say the Vogue. The bartenders rock, and there isn't a bad seat in the house.

And the best place to eat after the party?

Peppy's in Fountain Square. Old school, unpretentious, killer flapjacks.

What's your pick for Best Local Album of the Year?

Trails by Ryan M. Brewer. He's a great songwriter, and there are a couple of super creative tracks on there that I still listen to in awe.

What's Indy's best kept secret?

The arts scene in general. I think Indy is written off as Mid-American, crossroads, cookie cutter. That is absolutely not the case. There is so much talent in our town it's literally bursting at the seams.

How about best musician/DJ/band/rapper?

Musician is Brad Hudgins, drummer for Shadeland. He is absolutely BEASTLY.

DJ: Action Jackson, I always have fun when he's on the decks

Band: Brother O' Brother because the live show is insane, and their new album Show Pony is pretty killer.

Rapper: Still Oreo Jones. He just does hip-hop the way I like it, personally. And it's great!


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