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Saturday's big shows: The Rolling Stones, Indypendence Day, Henry Lee Summer

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The Rolling Stones - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • The Rolling Stones

Editor's note: We picked the top ten biggest shows going down in Indianapolis over the Fourth of July holiday weekend for our cover story this week. Click here to browse our huge shows by day, and click here to browse the complete music calendar for 102 more shows to hit up this weekend.

So, why should you go to these Saturday shows? 

Because The Rolling Stones are still the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World — you heard us. 

Brian Jones is decades gone, Mick Taylor didn't have the bulletproof liver/lungs/manparts/whatever to hang, and Bill Wyman just plain ol' bugged out. Now the Glimmer twins — Sir Mick and the planet's oldest living juvenile delinquent, Keith Richards — are touring into their twilight years. Joined by the eternally pleasant Ronnie Wood and the eternally bemused Charlie Watts, the Stones land at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as part of a 15-city run on Independence Day.

The remaining original threesome-plus-one are what's left of a band that came to represent everything that terrified the Western World's middle class during the group's heyday. Darker and more dangerous than the Beatles, the '60s and '70s-era Stones gave us the blasts of "Satisfaction," the terror of Altamont and the drug-addled jump of Exile on Main Street. In the years since, Mick's become an English gentleman, and Keith is having none of it.

The sound that made the group so edgy is something that still cuts through the years of the hard-dopin' Rock and Roll Lifestyle: As Ronnie and Bill Wyman have said, this band follows its rhythm guitarist, not its rhythm section. Keith Richards' guitar is what's always out front, and the band is forced to roll with his blues-drenched, open-tuned lurch. Forget Jagger's swagger — it's the propulsion of Dread Richards the Pirate that has really kept the act together for over half a century. They're touring the recently re-released '71 album Sticky Fingers on this victory lap — literally, it's at the IMS — and finally stopping back in Indy after swearing us off in the '90s. Add in what's promised to be the biggest fireworks show of the night, plus the glamour and dirt of the Speedway, and you've got a perfect Fourth of Freakin' July.

- Ed Wenck 

The Rolling Stones with Rascal Flatts and Saints of Valory
Saturday, July 4
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, $77+, all-ages

Panic! at the Disco - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Panic! at the Disco

Because Indypendence Day raises tons of money for a very good cause. 

Settle in for a story, boys and girls. In 1999, Scott Lintner made a promise. If he made it to age 50 — not likely, his doctors said, after a devastating leukemia diagnosis — he'd throw a huge party for everyone that supported him in his journey back to health. He made it, and boy, what a party he threw. The 2013 Indypendence Day raised  $50,000 for the St. Francis Hospital Patient Assistance Fund and The Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Indiana. The fireworks Downtown after the fest are just the cherry on top. This year's headliners are amorphous pop maestros Panic! At The Disco and infectious Danish electro-punk poppers New Politics. Locals Standout Story, bleedingkeys, Veseria and St. Louis' Coastl add support.

- Katherine Coplen 

Indypendence Day Concert for Cancer with Panic! At The Disco, New Politics & more
Saturday, July 4
Georgia Street, Downtown Indianapolis, 2 p.m., $20-40, all-ages


Because Henry Lee Summer is ready for a comeback. 

Henry Lee Summer - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Henry Lee Summer
The Good Ship Henry Lee is setting off on a comeback tour, and the way he sees it, this show is just the beginning. "This 30th Anniversary Time For Big Fun Tour is all about fun and bringing back a rock show to the people," Summer says. "A show that they can dance and have fun, too. I am back stronger than ever for this tour."

He promises "Time for Big Fun," "Hey Baby," "Hands on the Radio," and "Wing Tip Shoes" will make their way onto Saturday's setlist.

"This tour is supporting the 30th anniversary of Time For Big Fun, which was way back in 1985-86, so it will feature some nuggets from that record," he says. "But don't worry, we will be playing HLS hits."

Summer will announce dates across the Midwest in 1000 to 2500 seat venues soon. ("We just played The State Theater in Logansport this past Saturday and it was off the hook," he says.) It's part of a three-year plan that includes a greatest hits record, another tour, and then an album of new music.

And yes, because this entire weekend is apparently Rolling Stones-centric, Live Nation brought in Stones tribute act Satisfaction to open up the show. Plus, fireworks! Food trucks! (Probably) fried foods! You can have it all.

- Katherine Coplen

Henry Lee Summer with Satisfaction
Saturday, July 4
Old National Centre, 502 N. New Jersey St., 5 p.m., $10, all-ages


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