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Save the Monarch Butterflies!


Earth Charter Indiana, in partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Brick Street Poetry, Earth Day Indiana, and Indiana Recycling Coalition, hope to raise awareness of the plight of monarch butterflies in a month-long exhibition in the Artsgarden in April.

The number of Monarch butterflies in North America has declined by 90 percent in the past few decades and the numbers continue to drop. A combination of human development, herbicides and climate change is threatening their existence.

Earth Charter Indiana is inviting 4th and 5th graders living in Indiana to create 3-D renditions of monarch butterflies using reused and recycled products.
The details: "This can be an individual or class project. There are no size limitations, but butterflies should be anywhere from 2”x2”x2” up to 12”x12”x12”. Any larger pieces will need prior approval. Limit weight of piece to 10 pounds All submissions must be made by April 1, 2015. Each piece should include a small loop or some form of hanging mechanism."

Interested parties should email Jim Poyser by March 2 at


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