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Screw abstinence: Listen to Sex before Marriage



With the impending closing of The 1511 on the horizon, it is nice to report that there is a silver lining. For the last major show (that's tonight, May 21st, by the way), the house is, surprisingly enough, hosting an epic, non-hardcore show. Featured on the show are local punk act CMNDR, local post-hardcore, pre-grunge act Maravich and indie/punk powerhouse Sex Before Marriage.

Sex Before Marriage, or SBM, has a fresh sound that feels pleasantly familiar. Bits of 'emo' legends like Braid, The Promise Ring, Fugazi and The Get Up Kids are woven into each song, but SBM is definitely a unique animal. Their music initially appealed to the soft, gooey centers of hardcore kids but the indie rock scene is slowly waking up to SBM as well.

The last show at The 1511: Wheres Picked Clean?
  • The last show at The 1511: Where's Picked Clean?

SBM has been playing in the city for a few years now but they have never been able to get their shit together. A revolving door of bassists and drummers has left mainstays Patrick Dow (guitar) and Patrick Sims (vocals) in a musical purgatory. Songs were hard to record when drummers were flaking out and shows were hard to play without a bassist.

About a year ago, the line-up began to solidify with the addition of hardcore scene-king Bake Henry (Deceiver, Axis and Allies, Red Shadows, etc) on bass. Then, more recently, the band was blessed with the addition of yet another hardcore scenester, Skyler "Sweet Prince" Rowe (Picked Clean, Kurt Rambis, Punish Fuck, etc) on drums. With this new line-up, the band has finally settled down to record.

Sex Before Marriage: One drummer ago and like, three hairdos ago for Bake (center)
  • Sex Before Marriage: One drummer ago and like, three hairdos ago for Bake (center)

The as of yet un-named EP will be released sometime this summer, but until then, the boys of Sex Before Marriage will be trying out their new songs at the 1511 and other shows across the city. If you have never been to The 1511 or seen Sex Before Marriage, then I suggest you come out tonight, pay your respects and see what you've been missing.


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