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Short sci-fi film at Big Car Gallery



The great irony of anti-technology films is that they would not be possible without that very technology. In making these films, directors become slaves to computers, cell phones, etc. However, this is a good thing because it proves their point that raging against the machine is indeed impossible.


The latest film to simultaneously embrace technology and stand against it is the short film, Kick. It follows two women who grow a strong bond out of their mutual "technophobia". They don't use cars, cell phones or computers. As they seek psychological treatment and their relationship grows deeper, the film spins into a sci-fi world unlike any you've seen before.

The women in the film may not use technology but the filmmaker certainly does. Directed by Chicago-based experimental filmmaker, Clara Alcott, Kick has a Facebook page ( and a trailer available online (

The film is far more than a message movie. It's a cinematic hall of mirrors, blending the Technicolor spirit of 1950s melodramas with the surreal wonder of B-horror films. And that's what I gleaned from the trailer alone. I can't wait to see the film in its entirety.

You can see Kick on Friday, June 11 (9 p.m.) at the Big Car Gallery (1043 Virginia Ave. Suite 215) for $5. It will be proceeded by a short film program of works that reflect its themes.


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