Sleigh Bells with Yvette

When: Sat., June 14, 9 p.m. 2014

We caught up with Derek Miller from Sleigh Bells before their return date to the Vogue on Saturday. He’s looking forward to coming back, although last time didn’t exactly go as planned. “I like that place, cool room. I remember I think I had some crazy monitor issue. My monitor, I think it was off, so I kept telling the monitor engineer to turn it up -— it’s kind of common that it’s off and they keep turning it up, and then they realize it’s just unplugged, so they plug it in, but the volumes cranked and it just blasts you. I was kind of embarrassed; I left the stage for a couple of minutes because my head just basically exploded. I think Alexis had to deal without me for a couple of minutes. Anyway! I look forward to that not happening again. But it was a great show, and I’m excited to come back.” We have the rest of our interview with Derek at, including some words about their fourth record, which he’s already working on.“

Price: $20-22

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