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Bloomington's annual Brazilian Carnaval celebration was created and directed by Arts Management Masters student and Event Planning teacher Anita DeCastro. It took place at Jake's Nightclub this year, highlighting the best of Brazilian culture- its music, dances (much booty-shaking) and drinks. The evening was highlighted by the dancing, an explosive performance of bone-rattling and eardrum-shattering beats by the the IU Percussion Ensemble, led by world-renowned percussion master Michael Spiro. Blasting baile funk grooves were DJed by Bloomington's versatile musician and bboy, Michael Jukeson (formerly known as Justin Wolverton). The night was filled with memorable shows and characterized by a general 'alegria,' the equivalent of joy, or festive mood by the audience. It's the closest one can come to experiencing the essence of Brazil in the Midwest. The town of Brazil, Indiana can't even touch this.

See photos by Ted from this year's Carnaval in Brazil here.


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