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Slideshow: BRMF at the Casba



Heavy Gun is not kidding about their name. Their showcase at the Casba bowed to an absolutely packed house, with crowds you could barely move through all screaming and shouting. Heavy Gun kept things moving with a rat-tat-tat, rapid-fire tempo. Every ten minutes a new act took the stage, and every time you blinked a new sound shook the room, whether it was Ace One’s thundering classic-style hip-hop or whatever Freddie Bunz was doing that ended with him lying on the floor screaming into his mike.

The highlight, however, was the third annual Heavy Gun Beat Battle between several rising stars and veterans that pitted one beat against the other. This was my first experience with this sort of battle, as disc warriors took turns on the CD player selecting their best beats to outdo the other. It ended with Soul Cinematik taking the top spot in a hard-fought contest over the course of the evening. Normal DJ beats take on a new intensity with this sort of two-men-enter, one-man-leaves mentality, and the think-fast approach certainly thrilled the audience.


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