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Slideshow: Broad Ripple Zombie Walk



Last Saturday evening, one weekend before Halloween, more than a thousand zombies stumbled into Broad Ripple Village. They have been coming this date for the last eight years, and this year they returned again. Many arrived with gaping head wounds; most appeared sickly and pale. Almost all of them were splattered, smeared and dripping in blood.

They were part of the annual Broad Ripple Zombie Walk, a charity event held to raise canned goods for Gleaners Food Bank. Each year the promoters back a semi trailer into the Broad Ripple Kroger parking lot and each year the zombies bring cans of food to fill it. From its humble beginnings eight years ago of a few dozen walkers, the horde has grown by the hundreds each year.

This year Cheyenne and Tom Landis were wed in an actual zombie wedding ceremony held shortly before zombies assembled to take the walk down Broad Ripple Avenue. The entire procession were dressed as the undead, the preacher had been zombified and the recited wedding vows were zombie inspired.

The walk is sponsored by local IndyMojo with support from several Broad Ripple merchants. It is the largest zombie walk held in the state of Indiana.


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