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Slideshow: Climate Reality Project training



I had the great fortune to spend last week in San Francisco as part of the Climate Reality Project's training conference. One of a thousand people chosen from around the world, I applied for this training back in June.

Trainees were from 58 countries.

The backgrounds of the people I met were an astonishing array of interests and careers, from school teachers to salespeople. As far as I could tell, I, as a person from the media, was in a tiny minority. Everyone was united, however, by one thing: alarm over our climate crisis.

Here's how it all works. We trained on the current version of Al Gore's slideshow, with an emphasis on tying extreme weather to climate change. We return to our cities and towns to craft our own version of the slideshow, in other words, localize to our communities.

You can keep up with my slideshow adventures, mostly here, but also on as well.


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