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Slideshow: Cutters win 5th consecutive Little 500



The weather may have been problematic with a light drizzle and overcast and the temp being in the fifties, but it was still a good day for some on-track drama to unfold at the renown Little 500. The Cutters were out seeking yet another win, one that would be their fifth consecutive and eleventh total, and nothing was going to stand in their way of that goal.

Again, the weather wasn’t pretty, but even with all of that the last thing the Cutters team needed was a crash to throw them a lap behind. The Cutter’s bike was destroyed in the collision but competitor Zach Lusk ran over to give his team mate the replacement bike. Then the chase was on.

Despite their setback, the Cutters pushed on and made it back into the lead spot. The Cutters' comeback also enabled some of the other teams that were a lap down fight back into the lead spots, but none were able to pass Phi Delta Theta other thean the Cutters who took the opening when they saw it.

The race ended with a sprint by Cutter Eric Young, finishing off the race strong for the Cutter’s fifth straight win.

The top five teams:

# 1. Cutters
# 2. Phi Delta Theta
# 3. Sigma Chi
# 4. Delta Tau Delta
# 5. Acacia


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