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Slideshow: Hip-hop house party at Midtown



A young generation of local rappers exhibited their talents Friday night at the Midtown with a solid mix of socially aware conscious rapping and shock vulgarity. However, most exciting were the rappers' expressiveness, explosiveness, support and appreciation of each other. Despite the packed house, the scene was a rather small but tightly knit one. Highlight performances were Pope Adrian Bless and Flaco's deliveries and DJ Mandog's crisp supporting beats with smooth transitions between songs and acts. Thanks to the midnight curfew, the show at Midtown rushed the last four acts, which only stoked the powder keg room with more dynamite performances as each rapper had to bring his best in a song or less. The finale was marked as much by crowd surfing, shouting, jumping and sweating as it was by rhymes and flow.


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