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Slideshow: Subsurface Graffiti Expo 2014



Graffiti writer Amuse126 drove down from Chicago last weekend to paint his name on a wall in Fountain Square. He was but one of the many artists in attendance for this year’s edition of the Subsurface Graffiti Expo.

Crews from across the Midwest have been traveling to Indianapolis annually to create colorful, new aerosol works, often painting over what they or someone else painted the year before. Several of the writers have been coming since the event’s early years, but coordinators keep their eyes peeled to bring in new names and new styles to beef up the roster.

Subsurface is traditionally held over Labor Day weekend, but this year, it was moved out a week for the first time to avoid conflicts with a similar program being held in St. Louis. Organizers are considering holding the event earlier in the year in 2015. According to coordinator 6Cents, “There are becoming too many events we either have to compete with or miss ourselves at the end of summer.“

Now in its 12th consecutive year, Subsurface operates off little to no funds. It exists and continues to draw talent only because artists find it a valuable opportunity to create new works and express themselves. In 2014, the focus was once again on the walls in the Fountain Square area, where the group appears to have found its new home.


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