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Slideshow: Wild in the Streets Vol. 2


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Indy may not conjure up the same need for bike messengers as larger cities like New York and San Francisco, but an increasing number of enterprising young men and women are trying to make the trend stick here.

Showcasing the skills and speed needed to make a living as a bike messenger, and stay alive while employed, Indy's fifth alley cat race took place on July 30 with 19 cyclists competing in the "Wild in the Streets" competition. Organizers and supporters eventually hope to compete with similar events in Milwaukee and Chicago.

They are a close and quirky community, but the fixed-gear riders and racers are also commited to the lifestyle. After talking to many of the racers, it's clear that their focus remains on barreling through our downtown streets, dodging pedestrians, riding tightly between parallel cars and ignoring the inevitable horns.


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