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Slideshow: Zombie Walk 2012



Broad Ripple Zombie Style

Blood was everywhere Saturday night in Broad Ripple, arriving in buckets, spray bottles and dribbling from fake wounds. Broad Ripple's 8th Annual Zombie Walk has grown into one of the Halloween season's must-see events and this year one thing was obvious. Some walkers take their zombification seriously. Many in attendance arrived with their game face painted on. After all, just because you've become one of the living dead doesn't mean that style isn't important.

The Zombie Walk, sponsored by IndyMojo, is held each year as a venue to help raise canned goods for Gleaner's Food Bank. Last year, 5349 pounds of canned food were collected and over 1000 zombies participated in the walk down Broad Ripple Avenue.

From a strictly fashion standpoint, the night provided many hits as well as a good number of misses. Some interpretations of what qualified as "zombie" was at times a bit confusing - zombie Hitler, Snow White and the 7 dwarf zombies and zombie video game characters mingled freely with the more traditionally recognized walking corpses. This anything goes approach worked well for some, and not so much for others, although the one rule for costuming was that there are no rules.

Pictured are some of what represented zombie-izm at it's best, based only on the premise that "we like what we like."


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