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Slothpop: freak folk meets experimental rock



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Slothpop’s arsenal is impressive: two electric guitars, a cello, an electric violin, keys, two breath-taking voices, and a set of drums. The band strikes a balance between West coast freak folk and East coast experimental rock.

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Though still recording, Slothpop has a good deal of work already online, including “Shuffler”, a warm tune infused with strings and a gentle driving snare beat. The song's flawless two-part harmony (with Kristin Newborn on top and Lauren Eison on bottom) challenges listeners to make a distinction between Eison’s harmonious backing vocals and her pleasantly wandering violin work. Jeffrey Vyain’s cello adds a dark and somber tone, gently requesting active listening.

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Ghostly, chilling vocals meet a lightly plucked violin to create “Leaping Over Brooks”. A tempo increase and heavier guitars move the band's sound closer to the realm of rock on “Joker”. Slothpop’s best bet for their first single, “Sailing Bird”, is upbeat with soft hollow drumming and a chorus overflowing with stunning vocals, yet very few lyrics.

Slothpop’s next confirmed show is distant (May 15th with Kaiser Cartel at Radio Radio) but they’re keeping fans happy and feeding their slothy cravings with new material released online (see: Fox In Love With You) as they prepare for an album release later this year. Join them on Facebook and MySpace for regular updates and access to the tracks discussed above.

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"Sailing Bird"
by Slothpop


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