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Slothpop on Laundromatinee



Laundromatinee continues to roll out video sessions recorded during January's Local Music Git Down, the latest being this three-song set by the sinuous, entrancing, slothy but not slacker-y Slothpop.

And take a gander at who did the writeup for the session. None other than Danielle Look of NUVO fame.

I like this description by Danielle, though the only thing I remember from The Little Mermaid is "Under the Sea," possibly because I played it like a million times, I swear, as a member of the show choir band:

"Imagine the scene from The Little Mermaid during which Ursula steals Ariel's voice. Then chop it up a little, drop in a driving beat, add some strings, and ice your Slothpop cake with tribal-like vocal interjections."

"One" is, as you can see, embedded below. "Leaping Over Books" and "Joker" at Laundromatinee proper, along with mp3 downloads of all three songs.

Slothpop - One from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

And have you visited the new My Old Kentucky Blog, relocated to — and gussied up in the transition? While the move was prompted by the deletion of MOKB's longtime home as part of a blanket effort by Google to do away with those troublesome mp3 blogs, it may end up being for the best, because the old blog looked like, well, a Blogspot blog, and the new one has a distinctive look, even if it could use a little streamlining (it's in beta, after all). The Guardian covered the Google's deletion of music blogs in February, at a time when My Old Kentucky Blog, cited as one of the two largest Blogspot-hosted music blogs along with Gorilla vs. Bear, showed "no sign of being affected," even if they would "still find these developments alarming." Glad to see that one of this year's recipients of a NUVO Cultural Vision Award has landed on its feet.


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