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Snail-Approved restaurants for sustainable dining



Now that you're familiar with the concept of slow food, we invite you to check out these restaurants and enjoy the fruits of Slow Food Indy's labors. 


Its name derived from a Vonnegut novel, Bluebeard is bedecked with antique typewriters, including one that is reputed to be a replica of the machine Vonnegut used to write his books. Its offerings include an impressive variety of locally-sourced dishes, including (depending on the day's offerings) all manner of yeast-based goods baked up at its neighbor (the similarly Battista-owned) Amelia's Bakery.

653 Virginia Ave., 686-1508,

Black Market

Making the most of locally-sourced ingredients, Black Market offers a concise and exciting menu at reasonable prices in a cool and contemporary setting. Chef Micah Frank was just nominated for as a 2015 James Beard semifinalist, making him only one of two chefs in the 465 loop with that honor. Choosing from a dozen or so dishes in all, diners can sit at one of a handful of booths, or join other gastronauts at a large communal table, bringing to mind feasting of old. The wine-and-beer list is as succinct as the menu and well chosen, with the emphasis on food-friendly wines at again very fair prices.

922 Massachusetts Ave., 822-6757,

Cafe Patachou

Still one of the best breakfasts or brunches anywhere in the city is Café Patachou. The restaurant's original location at the corner of Pennsylvania and 49th Street in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood has been dishing up carefully sourced and healthy meals for more than two decades. Take a morning to taste for yourself. Check the website for all the locations.



One spot that consistently turns out fabulous, higher-end dining and has been since chef Alan Sternberg took over last year. Go here if you want to see simple slow food get the real star treatment. Both Sternberg and pastry chef Peter Schmutte's work is nothing short of edible artwork. Combined with the gorgeous dining room, and the whole thing becomes a treat for both the eyes and the mouth.

339 S .Delaware St., 870-1320


Started as a food truck, DUOS has moved into a permanent kitchen in the medical office building on 29th & Meridian. If you're not familiar, DUOS has, far and away, some of the best vegetarian dishes available in Indy. They have lots of hot plates and sandwiches available without meat, but we at NUVO HQ are the biggest fans of the DUOS Kitchen salad bar. You could call it "slow, whole food" done fast for working folks. Every day the menu changes (and the salad bar remains awesome), so expect something fresh each time.

2960 N. Meridian St., 927-6810,


Ezra's Enlightened Cafe

We've covered this one a lot lately, so we hope you're not sick of it. But these folks specialize in raw vegan foods, and serve up options across the spectrum from pizza to soup to juice. Most importantly, though, they source slow and local.

6516 Ferguson St., 255-3972


The new Libertine may have changed locations, but their devotion to local sourcing remains as steadfast in their new spot. Plates are smaller and a bit more dressed-down, but still offering signature sophistication in the form of things like roasted octopus. Try some locally-sourced charcuterie and cheese.

608 Mass Ave., 631-3333,

The Local

In an unassuming strip mall just north of 146th Street in Westfield is The Local, so-named because it is not only a watering hole for locals, but because it also specializes in locally grown and raised ingredients. While the variety of ingredients is somewhat limited by Indiana's infamous weather, The Local offers a variety of regular menu items and a monthly selection of seasonal dishes, including Viking Farm's lamb, Gunthorp beef and produce from Homestead Growers.

14655 Gray Road (Westfield), 218-3786,

The Loft at Traders Point

This eco-conscious eatery, located on Indiana's only 100 percent grass-fed organic dairy farm, features a dairy bar with delicious ice cream selections made on-site. All items are prepared with fresh, organic ingredients from Traders Point and other sustainable farms. Reservations are recommended for brunch and groups of six or more. Enjoy drink specials as well, including half-price wine glass and bottle specials on select nights. And if you want, you can get yourself a tour of the farm — a real taste of Indiana.

9101 Moore Road (Zionsville), 733-1700,

Goose the Market

This is paradise to meat and cheese lovers (and, for that matter, coffee, sandwich, beer, wine, produce, and gelato lovers), best of all because you can almost taste a little of that fresh farm air when you inhale deeply from your bag of goodies. This is the original gourmet grocery paradise, and it's just fun to go in there and look around like a post-prostitution-makeover Julia Roberts shopping on Rodeo Drive.

2503 N. Delaware St., 924-4944


Okay, okay, I'll stop talking about Milktooth but I'm just a little tied up with still loving it more than any other place in Indy. If it were really "all about the hype" at this point, the parking lot would be dwindling by now. But Indy, you've got to just pay your respects to the hardest game in town to beat, which is what Jon Brooks is doing over there. Not only is it locally sourced, but Brooks is proud to pay his staff well and make plenty of family dinners for staff-exclusive events. We really dig that attitude.

534 Virginia Ave., 986-5131

Petite Chou

Think of this place as Cafe Patachou's cool, Parisian cousin. She sips champagne cocktails and wears a smart, breezy dress every day. Here, you can find delicious bistro-style bites with a great wine and champagne list. Get the crab cake if you want to avoid feeling foolish, or sample the dinner menu featuring our friends in Sitka's Coho salmon.

823 Westfield Blvd., 259-0765; 14390 Clay Terrace Blvd., Ste.150, (Carmel), 566-0765

Late Harvest Kitchen

8605 River Crossing Blvd., 663-8063


30 S. Meridian St., 635-0765; 6114 E. 49th St., 925-0765; 8702 Keystone Crossing, 705-0765


608 Massachusetts Ave., 685-2550; 13190 Hazel Dell Pkwy., (Carmel), 844-2550; 12819 New Market St., (Carmel), 575-2550

Plow and Anchor

43 E. 9th St., 964-0538

R Bistro

888 Massachusetts Ave., 423-0312

Recess and Room Four

4907 N. College Ave. 925-7529


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