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Speakeasy: Q&A with Sweaty B


NUVO: What does your current band rap sheet look like?
Sweaty B: Mother Grove (Celtic rock), The $1.99 Millers (alt-country) and No*Star. The last three are the current ones — I’ve also had the pleasure of backing hip-hop artists like Rhymefest, Mudkids and Black Soil Project in impromptu live performances.

NUVO: When does ambitious diversification morph into earning the title “Bass Floozy of the Music Scene”?
Sweaty: When I don’t care in some way about the music I’m playing — thankfully, that has yet to happen. Are bassists really just failed guitarists? I actually started my musical career on violin, so I’m a failed classical geek. It takes a certain supportive mindset to be a good bassist, so it’s not something the Malmsteen wannabes should look at.

NUVO: Tell me about the kilts of Mother Grove.
Sweaty: Don’t wear one. If they find me a crushed purple velvet kilt with the Prince symbol on it, I’m game. Until then …

NUVO: You seem to be involved in every corner of the music scene. Is there a Sweaty B revolution happening?
Sweaty: That would explain the teeming masses of proletariat gathering outside my apartment.

NUVO: Why do you choose to be so involved in the Indy music scene?
Sweaty: It just kept sucking me in. There’s a lot to be done, and it’s always entertaining. Everybody always needs a bassist. And I have a talent for over-commitment. NUVO: You’re a recent graduate, are you not?
Sweaty: Two years’ worth of student loans and hastily written papers. It’s an MS in music technology from IU’s School of Music at IUPUI for those wishing to be impressed. I concentrated on the theory and practice of using computers to teach and create music, with emphasis on producing multimedia.

NUVO: The final goal?
Sweaty: Eventual musical autonomy — working on the music and making it work for me.

NUVO: If you could be reincarnated as any musician, who would you choose?
Sweaty: Prince is a very troubled and emotionally stunted man from what I can surmise, but I would love to be in contact with the creative genius in his head for even a brief amount of time.

NUVO: And if you could be in any local band?
Sweaty: I don’t want to break up The Fuglees, but I’ve considered mugging Andy Kuhn in a dark alley for his place in the band several times. If only I could sing (sigh ...).


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