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A little over a week ago, I caught indie folk-pop duo The Weepies in concert at Radio Radio (1119 Prospect Street). I’ve been listening to their songs in heavy rotation ever since, the hallmark of any good performance. I’d not heard the band live before and only knew a couple of their songs from their album Hideaway. They’re the kind of group, though, whose songs I immediately like. I knew I’d be in for a good show and if, for some reason I was proved wrong, I’d only be out $20. I wasn’t wrong.

The doors opened around 7:45 p.m. The only drawback was the show’s start time, which had been listed at 8:00 p.m. and came an hour later. Luckily though, the opening act, Matt the Electrician, took the stage promptly at 9:00 p.m. and charmed the crowd with sweet melodies and heartwarming stories, including a tale about salvation from car trouble at the hands of a Walmart employee. (We were surprised too.)

Around 10:00 p.m., The Weepies appeared and launched into an hour-long show that made me a fan in earnest. I watched as the group swayed in unison while singing their opening song, “Please Speak Well of Me.” (It’s the first song that plays when you visit their website, available at They just sing songs that feel good in my heart. I find the music solid and catchy and the poetry in the rhymes the kind of words I’d like to write. The Weepies are Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, partners on and off stage, who were fans of each other’s music prior to meeting. I like their solo work, some of which you can hear on their website, but find a real magic in their collaboration.

I’m at the semi-mumbling stage at this point: I’ve memorized several of their choruses and stumble through the rest of the songs. Based on how far I’ve come this past week, I’ll be one of the people singing along and shouting requests — I can still hear the crowd yelling for “Jolene” — next time the band comes through town. Given their rapidly-growing popularity, Indy will probably be one of those “second show added” kind of towns next time around.

p.s. See photos from the concert here.


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