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Sphie announces new fundraiser


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Indy singer-songwriter Sphie pops up at open mics for low-key performances all over Indy. She's got a soulful (and classically trained) voice that is best showcased with spare, groovy arrangements, like "Music in the Movement," which I've been playing on my Alt1033 local show on Sunday nights. She's asking for donations via GoFundMe to continue to release and record new music.

Here's a bit of her campaign introduction:

In understanding my humanness and digging to find that expression in order to continue creating, I have dug to find aspects of a soul that I only continue to unfold and understand. What I continue to find is that wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever I meet and whatever challenges I face, I only continue to find love. Love within myself, love within others, love within the limitless abundance presented to us within each and every moment. It is when we begin to overcome ourselves that we see it is what we are truly made of.

In order to absorb some of the larger costs of delivering these new sounds to the world, I am asking for donations to propel me to the next steps. It is my dream to keep creating and performing and will continue to be so.

As artists, we spend thousands of hours on top of working full time jobs, raising families and building communities in order to sustain that piece of our soul that has to come out. Your love and encouragement has sustained me and I am now asking for a monetary impetus towards these goals to propel me to the next phase in the process. Your investment is not only greatly appreciated, but reciprocated through my love and bliss of being in this life.

And some music:


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