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Spirit & Place seeks Journey-themed programs




Spirit & Place is seeking a few good programs for its 2014 festival, running Nov. 7-16 and structured around the theme of "journey." Organizations of all stripes can apply to before the submission deadline of March 7 at 5 p.m. The cost is $400 to participate for accepted programs, with training, resources and program support from the festival included in the deal.

Here's more about the theme from Spirit & Place's news release:

The JOURNEY between "here" and "there" is filled with movement and meaning. How is this movement shaping - and being shaped by - identity, spirituality, public policy, and civic life? From the instruments of mobility in all its forms (education, money, waterways, trails, bus lines, bike lanes, etc.), to the reasons (quality of life, pilgrimmage, self-expression, community development, health, persecution, etc.), JOURNEY will explore the dynamic passages of people and places.

What past journeys inform present life? What new journeys do we need to make together to catalyze community change? What new adventures and pathways need to be explored? The 2014 festival will explore these and other questions through performances, exhibits, workshops, panel discussions and other innovative programs that bring us together across the boundaries of difference.


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