St. Elmo Steakhouse Editor's Pick Best of Indy Menu

Price: $$$$

Even though it’s THE place that gets mentioned by sportscasters gunning for a free steak, THE place where the older glitterati gather when Indy hosts a big event, THE place that was featured as the eatery of choice for a fictional bachelor party in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, St. Elmo’s has an almost homey feel. The bar is woody and loud, adorned with photos of patrons who run the gamut from A-list celebs to Z-list wannabes, and the staff exudes the best kind of midwestern charm. You can order a pricey signature cocktail (like the Elmo Cola or the French 75) or pick out a super pricey bottle of cab from the expansive wine list, sure. But if you ask for a cold macro-brew, they don’t judge. After all, Peyton Manning made it a habit to venture into Elmo’s and order a New York Strip and a Bud Light after every Colts home game and ... and ... erp ... (sniffle) ... sorry, got a little misty there. Oh, and if you’re trying to torch all the hair out of your nasal cavities, order up a shrimp cocktail. It’s painfully delicious. Visit the 1933 Lounge upstairs for an authentic post-Prohibition cocktail or two.

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