State appeals ruling blocking aid to Syrian refugees


The Pence administration has officially filed an appeal in a ruling blocking a ban on aid to Syrian refugees.

In November, Gov. Mike Pence directed all state agencies to suspend taking in Syrian refugees until “proper security measures” had been met to prevent terrorists from sneaking into the state.

“The refugee resettlement process is susceptible to manipulation—a fact even the State Department has acknowledged,” the appeal reads.

The court documents, filed Tuesday, request an immediate stay.

“The federal government has not addressed the concerns underlying the Governor’s directive and the State will be harmed by its inability to take measures on its own to secure the safety of its citizens during the pendency of this appeal,” the appeal states.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt granted a preliminary injunction last week. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and ACLU national had filed a lawsuit on behalf of Exodus Refugee Immigration to stop the governor from blocking funding.

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The ruling stated withholding money for social services to Syrian refugees in “no way furthers the State’s interest in the safety of Indiana residents.” Exodus uses the funds to assist refugees with job training, teaching English and other services.


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