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State Senate Race: Fred Peterson (District 30)


Fred Peterson, Libertarian candidate
  • Fred Peterson, Libertarian candidate

Fred Peterson, Libertarian, District 30

NUVO: Introduce yourself in 200 words or less.

I am 69 and a lifelong resident of Indy.Late in life, during my forty years at GM, I started to attend school part time and earned a BA in Philosophy.Since retiring in 2006, I have been teaching at Ivy Tech.

NUVO: Describe your district, name some features that make it special or unique.

Senate District #30 stretches from the northern suburbs of Indy into southern Hamilton County.It was gerrymandered in hope to keep it Republican.The incumbent was appointed to replace the previous Republican who accepted another in-party appointment.

NUVO: List three serious issues facing your district and note how they would translate to your legislative priorities.

My political priority is to reform campaign finance. I propose ÒThe Permission PrincipleÓ which would prohibit any corporation or union in Indiana to spend a stockholderÕs or memberÕs dues money for political purposes without first obtaining their permission. This law would stop the usurpation of the individualÕs political voice by the corporations and unions.The individual is more important than the collective.

NUVO: If you could provide one element of constructive criticism about the 2012 General Assembly, what would it be?

The term, ÒMinority LeaderÓ is a misnomer when the only leadership displayed is to leave town.

NUVO: How you do think an extended era of solid Republican control over the General Assembly will influence legislators' work at the Statehouse? Could you comment on how you envision bi-partisanship and checks and balances functioning in this environment?

As the term ÒbiÓ in bi-partisanship implies, two leaders are required. Unfortunately, quality leadership has been lacking on the Democratic side as evidenced by the ÒweÕre not in the majority so weÕll leave townÓ mentality during the last session.

NUVO: If you could ask one question of your opponent, what would it be?

The largest cash payments unabashedly accepted by the other two candidates came from corporations or unions. My question to both is, ÒWhy is the individualÕs political voice not most important?Ó

NUVO: What question do you wish we'd asked and how would you answer it?

The Democratic candidate wants to keep lowering the mandatory age for children to be sent to public school.How does he determine the age and is there a lower limit?The Republican wants creationism taught in public schools.Would he also mandate that all other religious accounts of the creation be included or only the one in which he believes.


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