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State Senate Race: Scott Schneider (District 30)


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NUVO: Introduce yourself in 200 words or less.

I am a former member of the Indianapolis City County Council for 8 years, and currently finishing my first term in the Indiana State Senate for District 30. I am a small business owner and I believe this perspective is important at the statehouse as we work for job creation in Indiana. I am proud to have worked with Governor Mitch Daniels on key bills like property tax caps, repeal of the inheritance tax, and balanced budgets. Indiana has a strong foundation to build upon like our AAA bond rating, #1 in job creation in the mid-west and #5 inthe country.

NUVO: Describe your district, name some features that make it special or unique.

Senate district 30 covers southern Hamilton County and northern Marion county as far south as 42nd & Central. It is a diverse district with many great and vibrant neighborhoods that display our city and states character.

NUVO: List three serious issues facing your district and note how they would translate to your legislative priorities.

Property taxes, education and jobs. Property taxes are the #1 issue I hear from constituents. Many people are fearful of losing their homes as a result of the property tax spikes a few short years ago. I have been working to call attention to the assessment side of the issue which, if not addressed immediately, can circumvent the already existing protections from property tax caps.

NUVO: If you could provide one element of constructive criticism about the 2012 General Assembly, what would it be?

No matter how much you dis-agree with a bill, a legislator has no business being so rigid as to walk off the job.

NUVO: How you do think an extended era of solid Republican control over the General Assembly will influence legislators' work at the Statehouse? Could you comment on how you envision bi-partisanship and checks and balances functioning in this environment?

Compared to a 14 year era of Democrat control, Republicans have only been in the majority for only 2 years, yet we have accomplished much good. Look at our state's fiscal condition compared to surrounding states. In the Senate where Republicans have a strong majority, 98% of the bills passed last year received bi-partisan support, and 57% were unanimous. We work together in the Senate to accomplish many positive things with both Democrat and Republican support.

NUVO: If you could ask one question of your opponent, what would it be?

Why are you so critical of so many of the bills that received bi-partisan support? Are you upset with the moderates of your own party and wish they would be more rigid and partisan?

NUVO: What question do you wish we'd asked and how would you answer it?

Good questions overall.... I'm good.


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