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State Street Pub turned last night's show into a fundraiser for a domestic violence shelter


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Yesterday, State Street Pub announced the cancellation of Natural Child's set booked for last night after accusations of sexual assault against a member of the band surfaced on social media.

The show continued as a fundraiser for domestic violence shelter Alternatives with Raw Image and Creeping Pink playing alongside DJ Mild Cherry and DJ Don't Leave Me.

The Pub's statement:
To all the friends, family and freaks of State Street Pub the show tonite [sic] will no longer feature Natural Child. As a collected entity it can be hard to respond to such a serious situation without downplaying its real life repercussions or attacking something blindly. We here at SSP look at ourselves as part of the community, a safe place to gather and enjoy the artistic resolve of those around us. When we look around we want to know that everyone present is able to feel safe and enjoy themselves. We sincerely hope that anyone who has been affected with this recent incident is able to get the help they need and make a positive growth going forth.

At the end of day we love you all and hope we can all take this as a call to be better to each other. The show will still be happening featuring Creeping Pink and Raw Image with DJ sets from DJ Mild Cherry and DJ Don’t Leave Me. Hope to see you there.
NUVO reached out to State Street for more information on the decision to turn Thursday's show into a fundraiser. Booker (and Creeping Pink performer) Landon Caldwell said last night's show raised nearly $400 in donations.

Caldwell said, "The money is going to Alternatives which is a domestic violence shelter for women and children. I worked there for a few years. My mother worked there for over a decade and both my younger sisters have worked there. It's located in Anderson but serves Central Indiana. They have a ton of community outreach programs. Super cool place run by some very wonderful people. Money was collected at the door. The local bands and DJs played for free. Had the show went on as planned, everyone would have been payed. No one hesitated to hop on board."

Alternatives offers a 24-hour crisis line, emergency housing, transitional housing, emergency transportation and other support for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

After cancellations in Indianapolis and Chicago, Natural Child announced a halt to their tour this morning. The band's statement:
In the past few days we were made aware of an accusation circulating on social media about one of our band members. We acknowledge that this is a matter to be taken seriously and therefore we have decided to put our current tour on hold while we let the parties involved resolve it. Thanks for your support and understanding,
Conversations about sexual assault in the music industry have been prevalent throughout 2016. The Atlantic has a thorough summation of the accusations against Heathcliff Berru, a publicist accused of assault by several women including Amber Coffman of The Dirty Projectors, that spawned industry-wide conversation. Also of note: MTV Editorial Director Jessica Hopper's call for stories of marginalization of women in the music industry solicited thousands of stories.

NUVO reached out to Natural Child's manager for further statement and will update this post accordingly if one is sent.


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