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Summer in September: 15 Indy ice cream shops

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Well, it's September and it's officially hot, like 90 degrees hot. That means you have our official permission to eat ice cream until fall decides to show itself. Take this great list and enjoy summer in September.


Feel free to stop in here and eliminate any calorie burn you may have accomplished while on the Monon Trail. They don't just do scoops and sundaes either; the location is famous for ice cream cupcakes, cakes and pies as well as the regular ice cream shop fare.

901 E. 64th St., 257-5757,

Sub Zero

While we normally try not to include a lot of chains on these lists, this one is pretty cool. It was a rejected Shark Tank idea, but the exposure ended up rocketing the business across the country. This is full-customizeable ice cream, from the base to the flavors and the mix-ins. Then, like magic wizards, they mix it in a bowl with liquid nitrogen, forming your own custom-mixed flavor of ice cream, custard, yogurt, as well as vegan, lactose-free and sugar-free options for those with dietary restrictions. There is literally something for everyone here, plus it's just fun to watch the magic happen.

427 Massachusetts Ave., 252-0271,

Handel's Homemade Ice Cream

This national chain has a flavor of ice cream no matter what you could be craving. With so many options — not even counting the huge list of seasonal flavors — it's going to be hard to make it through the whole list in your lifetime. However, even if you move, Handel's will ship ice cream right to your doorstep, as much as you want, on dry ice.

2466 E. 146th St. (Carmel), 705-1855; 8760 E. 116th St. (Fishers), 585-8065;


Self-serve frozen yogurt with a huge toppings bar that charges by weight. Watch yourself.

1356 E. 86th St., 587-1499,


This local franchise has tons of flavors and an outstanding lineup of bubble teas, which they are famous for. Don't forget you still have a few more days to buy my signature Zanzibarbarian Sundae, made of their dark chocolate Zanzibar ice cream, bananas and hot fudge, from which 20% of the proceeds benefit Second Helpings.

5535 E. Washington St. 351-0275; 11099 Allisonville Road (Fishers), 537-2100; 1022 E. Main St. (Brownsburg), 350-2467

Frosty Boy Drive In

This is one of those weird little off-the-highway spots where they do tons of milkshakes and soft-serve. It's small town kind of place where you can literally drive in and be served by a staff of 10 with a cumulative age of less than 200 years, as is more or less required by law when eating ice cream in the summer.

40 W. Main St., (New Palestine), 861-5433

The Whistle Stop Ice Cream Shop

Another sweet little surprise from down in Beech Grove, you can get scoops, sundaes and a whole bunch of hot food. That also includes deep fried Oreos. No reason not to indulge in that State Fair classic if you don't have to wait. Well, no reason besides the insulin injections.

510 Main St. (Beech Grove), 661-3855,

Graeter's Ice Cream

This is the small-pot French style frozen custard, which means it is dense and hard to scoop thanks to all those glorious egg yolks. I would highly encourage the newbie who loves chocolate to get something with "chip" in the name, as the "chips" in this business are actually huge, thick ribbons of chocolate. They also serve a few low-glycemic flavors and some dairy-free options. Be forewarned though: the line is often out the door on most warm nights, so go early.

5560 N. Illinois St., 253-1405,

Sundaes Homemade Ice Cream

Sorbets, yogurts and ice cream, all made in-house by one of the owners. That means the menu changes based on availability of ingredients (stay tuned for upcoming fresh peach flavor). They also do in-house coffee roasting with a full lineup of espresso drinks as well as ice cream.

9922 E. 79th St., 570-0533,

The Scoop

All the regular goodies — scoops, sundaes and floats — plus a massive lineup of signature ice cream-based desserts. They also have one of the darned cutest little shops in downtown Zionsville, and well worth the drive.

305 S. Main St. (Zionsville), 344-0944,

Trader's Point Creamery

There are fewer things that taste better than beef and milk that comes from grass-fed, pastured cows, and no one does that game better than our friends at Trader's Point Creamery. After your farm tour and your cheese tasting, proceed directly to the ice cream case and get a scoop of the sweet stuff or a milkshake. It's easily some of the best frozen sweetened cream you may ever eat in your life.

9101 Moore Road (Zionsville), 733-1700,

Chris's Ice Cream

The only thing they're better known for than their ice cream is a killer steak taco. This joint is both delicious and full of surprises, like their avocado ice cream. We love both creativity and a little surprise, so this Monon-adjacent spot gets a winning vote from us. Tacos and ice cream? Yes, we'll be there.

1405 E. 86th St., 255-2156,

Cafe Nonna

We told you about this newly-opened shop last week, and it's finally open and serving authentic Italian-style gelato as well as espresso drinks and pastries. They have everything from your traditional stracciatella to lemon and everything in between. Now you've got a few options when it comes to getting a sweet treat down in the Fletcher Place and Fountain Square area.

629 Virginia Ave; 632-3809

Cultured Swirl

Cultured because the flavors are high-brow, and cultured thanks to the beneficial probiotics in the stuff. It's become a staple on the Fountain Square strip, and you can get all kinds of flavor including some delicious vegan options.

1026 Virginia Ave. 602-8808

Nicey Treat

It all began as a humble food cart with lines a mile long at every food truck festival. Now they've got a full brick-and-mortar setup with tons of creative flavors for sale. They blend basil with watermelon and dark chocolate with hot peppers, and it all comes served on an ultra-mobile stick.

916 E. Westfield Blvd., 602-6423,


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