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Sunday alcohol sales: I can drink to that


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It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. You're watching football or a movie. You and your friends or significant other could go for an adult beverage right about now. Only one small problem... you live in Indiana and alcohol sales are prohibited.

Indiana is one of a handful of states that don't allow Sunday carry-out sales of alcoholic beverages (for the others, check out Wikipedia's list of state-by-state alcohol laws). And, it's definitely not from a lack of tasty beers around our great state.

There is a recent push to allow the sale of Indiana-brewed beers on Sunday. Members of the "Alliance of Responsible Alcohol Retailers" will ask lawmakers to amend the state's liquor laws during the upcoming legislative session. Past attempts at legalizing Sunday alcohol sales have failed.

The Hoosier state loses an estimated $9 million a year in tax revenue to alcohol sales in neighboring states.

With a large crowd of partygoers here for Super Bowl activities, beer will be in high demand. For a short time, booze sales and Sunday will coexist: The law has been relaxed ever so slightly in Indianapolis for Super Bowl Sunday. The changes that will bring the greatest joy to most visiting patrons are the available sales of alcohol the Sunday prior to the Super Bowl and of course the day of the big game.

But please be on your best behavior. If all goes well with the two Sunday sales, maybe you too can soon buy a nice cold beer on your lazy Sunday afternoon in Indiana.


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