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Super Bowl sightings


The view for Super Bowl Village - PHILLIP HILL

Where were you last weekend? That question is on the minds of every person in this town right now. It was an absolutely thrilling (dare we say, super?) weekend for nightlife in Indy and NUVO was out to experience it all. From the uber-packed LMFAO show on Friday that literally closed Downtown streets to George Clinton's funky Broad Ripple Super Fest and everywhere in between (including an extremely weird R. Kelly after party), we've got the best and worst of Super Bowl entertainment collected here.


Pat McAfee's Laces Out
The Vogue
The only question I found myself asking upon arriving at The Vogue for Pat McAfee’s Super Bowl shindig was, “Where’s the swimming pool?” I know, ha ha. Pat McAfee swimming jokes - how original. But think about it. If any Internet-savvy punter with a knack for good times and late night swims in the Broad Ripple Canal were to host a pool party, wouldn’t McAfee be the obvious, if only, choice? At least the presence of a pool would have given party goers who paid the $25 cover something to do other than sheepishly stand around looking frightened of the dance floor. But the underuse of the facility wasn’t McAfee’s fault. He can’t help it if the stiffs who attended his party were afraid to shake their groove thang and ruin his good intentions. Pat, seriously, rent out Holiday World next time.

-Jon R. LaFollette

Pepsi Fan Jam
Pepsi Coliseum

Lights dazzled and an excited crowd watched as B.o.B., Gym Class Heroes and the All-American Rejects took the stage Thursday evening for the Pepsi Fan Jam. The event was free and open to the public, a Super Bowl gem among the mix of pricey entertainment options

All three bands opened their set with new singles and as the night went on the crowd became more and more enthusiastic.

B.o.B. performed first with his single, “Strange Clouds.” He followed the performance with favorites like “Airplanes” (sans co-vocalist Haley Williams, unfortunately) and “Magic.”

Next, Gym Class Heroes played a variety that included the new “Ass Back Home feat. Neon Hitch” and the crowd-pleaser “Cupid’s Chokehold.”

By the time The All-American Rejects took the stage with their new single “Beekeeper’s Daughter,” the crowd was feeling the music.

Although the performance could perhaps have done without the excessive filler comedy between bands and All American Rejects would have done better to not try an onstage collaboration with Gym Class Heroes and B.o.B., the night was an overall success

-Mamie Silver

Spinning the Bowl
Super Bowl Village

For DJs, the Super Bowl heralded a week of non-stop work. So, the majority of my interaction with Super Bowl-related festivities occurred behind my turntables.

Foremost among these activities was a spot performing in the Super Bowl Village. I was ultra-hyped to represent global music culture on the same stage as crowd-pleasing pop acts like LMFAO. I was also extremely curious to discover how the music of Fela Kuti would go down with football fans.

Crowd reactions to my set ran the gamut of human emotion - from laughter and disdain to jubilant excitement, the latter exhibited particularly from the South Asians in attendance, who were shocked to hear bhangra tunes blasting in the Village.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, but I'll never believe it was mere coincidence that a Department of Homeland Security truck rolled up to the stage immediately after I launched into a brief set of Arabic tunes.

-Kyle Long


D.M.C.'s Benefit for HORA
Madame Walker Theatre

Unfortunately, the D.M.C. show at the Walker Theatre suffered a variety of setbacks throughout the course of the show. Although the man himself put on an energetic, thrilling performance (laced with his thoughts on adoption, old school rappers and so much more), the theatre was less than half full. The planned after party was canceled, and nary a celebrity (that I could see) was in attendance. The possible complication of ex-bandmate Reverend Run's NFL-sanctioned gospel event at Clowes may have dragged some would-be attendees away, but they were missing out on an absolutely excellent take on Harry Chapin's “Cat's In the Cradle.”

With every benefit concert, the overwhelming importance is the boost the organization the event supports gets. In this case, the very-worthy House of Restoration Africa received a healthy chunk of funds, a boost in awareness and the momentum to continue to do great work here and abroad.

-Katherine Coplen


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