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Super Indy: Russ Baum's folk-energy



Russ Baum will be performing at the Ugly Monkey for ten nights leading up to the Super Bowl. Baum, who calls his music "folk-energy," will perform with Huck Finn every day starting Friday at the Ugly Monkey in the Coors Light tent.

Baum, who considers himself currently from Carmel, Ind., has moved all over the state. He expects huge crowds every night, including passionate people and large groups of media.

"I create music in a moment and I expect it to move minds or to move bodies. Preferably both!" Baum said. 
Baum's music draws heavy influence from artists like Green Day. He names their track "Going to Pasalaqua" from 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours as his favorite song.

"It inspired me to believe in love," he said.

When he's not making music, he's hanging out with his son, who is almost three.

"I spend a lot of time with my son Taylor, and yes, he's named after the guitar company. We laugh a lot and visit friends," said Baum.

He's got a few Super Bowl predictions as well.

"It pains me to say it but I feel like the Patriots are going to see another Super Bowl ring. Luckily, I am horrible at predicting most games so please take this as a bad omen for New England," said Baum.


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