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Super Scarves: Knitting for Beginners (dun dun dun!)




This is an official announcement that I will be stepping out of my comfort zone this weekend.

Bear in mind that I won't be going skydiving or learning how to roller blade. I'll just be knitting. But I'll be doing so for the sake of football, which is... well, let's just say it's not my cup of tea.

So here's the deal: The event is called Super Scarves and it's for beginners. It's an opportunity to knit a scarf that will be worn by a volunteer during Super Bowl week in 2012. Something about the event just speaks to me, even though it's related to a sport that starts and stops so often it makes me insane. I mean, it's frustrating. Ahem.

I've been knitting off and on (mostly off) since I was a kid. I never learned much about it — my mom always had to cast on and off for me — and anything more complicated than simple knitting, like using curved needles to make... whatever... makes my brain lock up. I excel, however, at knitting squares and rectangles. EXCEL. I also knit the occasional half-trapezoid when I get overconfident and find that stitches have, uh, been dropped or mysteriously added. It's true. I can show you.

Quite frankly, Super Scarves popped up so many times in my calendar inbox that I finally started paying attention. In addition to the session I'm planning to attend, there are seven other scheduled events and I'm sure more to come for 2011.

Join me, won't you? Knitting needles are cheap, if memory serves (my last craftgasm with the purchasing of yarn and other knitting supplies was a couple years ago), and when you see volunteers wearing the scarves (which I assume will be blue and white — just a guess), you'll know you helped outfit them. When you jump up to scream, "That's mine!," people will probably just think you're cheering and starting the wave. Win-win.


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