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Planet X Videos airs concert footage


During last year's Midwest Music Summit, Jonathan Keith brought along some friends with cameras and shot concert footage that he intended to edit into a two-minute montage to air on his Planet X Videos show (midnights Fridays and Saturdays, Channel 99 on Comcast and Brighthouse and WDNI-TV Channel 65 on UHF).

As it turned out, Keith was thinking small. First, he and his "guerilla filmmaking" buddies were offered a board mix at the Vogue, which meant their video would have high-quality sound. "And then," Keith says, "we started looking at the early footage and we were like, 'This isn't bad. There will be an audience for this. There will be people who are interested in seeing these performances from some of these cool bands they don't get to see very often - and live performances from them in [our] hometown bars.'"

The results will be seen on this week's Planet X Videos Rear-End Special. The show will feature "raw, live" footage of Louis XIV, Dead 60s, Zero Boys and Tegan & Sara shot at the Vogue and the Music Mill.

Keith, who also hosts Planet X from 9 p.m. to midnight Sundays on WRZX-FM (103.3), aimed to get video that reminded him of bootleg tour footage a fan might shoot. Judging by the Dead 60s video Keith shared, he succeeded. The song is a cool rave-up that brings to mind early Graham Parker; the video is grainy and jumpy but, most importantly, electric, capturing the vitality of the performance.

"These are cool bands that don't get any video exposure," Keith says. "And to have them performing at Indy bars I think is exciting for people."

In addition to the Music Summit videos, Keith's year-end show will feature videos by Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A., Kaiser Chiefs and the Louisville band VHS or Beta.

"It's really thrilling for me to play these videos on this show," Keith says. "Sometimes you look at these videos and it's amazing that these bands even have videos because MTV and most of the mainstream media just don't support music very much anymore. Where are they getting played?"

On Planet X Videos, if nowhere else.


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