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Supremely sweet 16



Recent birthday party lights up Indy

For some it’s a car; others, just a cake — 16th birthday presents vary from the minimal to, more recently, massive parties smothered in money, lights, music and professional dancers.

A birthday party for Carmel-based, 16-year-old Meg, was held last weekend at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Few events are this impressive: professional bouncers and dancers, New York DJs, rappers and extensive catering.

The first thing you hear is a trumpet sounding. Then a door opens, footsteps fall: The princess glides down a pink lane leading her towards her party. As she exits the hall, the guests are ushered into yet another room. Once more everyone is lined up and there is a second grand entrance; upon her arrival, everyone follows the princess into the main room, passing through an arched doorway and entering a hip-hop-ified, ’60s-style club.

This party brought together a diverse community that calls Carmel its home. Whether it was the number of dresses the princess wore or the variety of dancers and special guests, everything was in abundance for the evening. Guests from MTV’s The Real World made an appearance: Steven and Johanna both attended in order to dance with the underage crowd and to wish Meg a happy birthday for what is likely the biggest sweet 16 party ever to hit Indy. n

Ted Herod just graduated from University High School and is currently enrolled at Kenyon College.


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