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Surreal Abstractions by Michael Lipe

When: Jan. 29-March 3 2012

Michael is an artist, musician, author and graphic designer. He started drawing at an early age, but really came into his own in the early nineties while attending school at Indiana University (Bloomington Campus) "It was only after I could accurately draw reality that I could truly draw the surreal abstractions I can see in my mind” says Michael about his artwork. "I try to put the detail of realism into my works in abstract: Focusing heavily on depth and shadows. It is my hope that a viewer will be pleasantly surprised long after the initial appraisal of one of my pieces and see something with clarity that they've never seen before." He categorizes his pieces as "Surreal Abstractions". His work has an abstract face, but there is often a hint of reality weaved throughout.

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