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Talking to GRiZ about his new, free mixtape


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We caught up with funky electronic guru GRiZ before he begins The Super Shagadelic Tour, on which he'll stop at the Old National Centre Oct. 29. We'll have more coverage closer to the date but here's a portion of the interview to hold you over.

NUVO: First off I want to say thanks, I know your mind is on Red Rocks right now so yeah, appreciate the time.

GRiZ: Yeah man it’s cool. We’ve got that and I’ve got this 9-track mixtape dropping tomorrow. I think we like putting a lot of shit on our plate all the time. There’s always so much stuff going on but it’s always good to stay super busy.

NUVO: You had a long and packed festival season, so how do you stay fresh going straight into a fall season that is filled with constant touring as well?

GRiZ: Man I just love love love love love playing music. I get instantly inspired by seeing people that I get to play in front of. The energy from the room from people, I feed off of that and it helps me deliver. That’s kind of the in the moment thing. I try to stay super healthy, I do a lot of fitness, running, calisthenics, drink less, smoke more weed kind of thing.

NUVO: You’re dropping this mixtape. What can we expect?

GRiZ: It’s called Chasing the Golden Hours and it’s a bunch of super chill stuff.

NUVO: You’re a big advocate of free music [the above tape is a free download], so how important is dropping free music to artists in the electronic scene, not only new ones, but for artists that have been around for 5+ years as well?

GRiZ: Free music works really well for me but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I’ll tell you what man, it kind of started as like “I wanted to release free music because it the easiest way to get it direct to fans” and now it’s turned into a philosophy almost. I kind of only believe in free music. That’s for myself, personally. I have that option. I don’t want to limit a 14-year-old kid from not being able to get it off iTunes. Or someone that can’t afford to buy music, they should be able to have it if they want. Music is a vibe, a feeling, I don’t want to sell people that. The only thing I do sell is concert tickets but it costs me money to get to places so I need to cover my ass on that. But with this music thing man I’ll let the commercial people deal with selling the shit and I’ll be the guy giving it to the people.

NUVO: Do you think the idea of giving away music and selling concerts directly relates to the amount of ticket sales that you’re doing?

GRiZ: I think we’ve built a successful brand of strong intentions. These people believe in this because it is something to be believed in. It’s not fake, it’s real, it’s a feeling, that’s why it’s working.

NUVO: So you had the live band perform on snapchat the other day. Can we cross our fingers for a live band tour in the future?

GRiZ: Hey man when I started talking about touring expenses, fucking live band touring is expensive. I’ll tell you what though, that inspired me so much, I just like doing it. But yeah, cross your fingers all day and your wishes will come true. I’m going to try and make this happen within the next few years that’s fucking for sure.


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