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Tantalizing ticket tattoos: Vogue awards twenty lifetime passes


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Stop! You in the tattoo artist's chair, needle dipped in black ink and hovering precariously above the transfer. Put the needle down. Nice and gently; that's right; the Vogue's less than week-long tattoo contest is over. Please, please, for the love of live music, don't be #21 in this contest.

Last week, after a loyal Green Day listener's ticket tattoo went viral, the longtime Broad Ripple Venue offered a once-in-a-lifetime and for-your-entire-lifetime promotion: anyone with the cajones to ink a ticket stub on their person would receive free entry into any show for life. Sold out? Doesn't matter, you're in. These twenty people have their ticket tattooed on them for life. The only rules? Must be in a visible area, must be actual ticket size, must be replica of actual Vogue ticket.

The results were interesting and, at times, a bit horrifying. In a race to claim spots #1-#20, many loyal Voguers decided to prioritize speed over quality, leading to a few shaky renditions of tickets — and, oddly, more than a few people decided to tattoo the TicketFly print-out version instead of a classic stub. We'll let you sort out your favorite for yourself.

All photos courtesy of Vogue Facebook and each brave, tattooed soul.


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